Chanes - House Shoes Presents 'Renegade Hands' (Green Cassette)

Record Label: Nature Sounds

Sold out!


Chanes "The Known".

Cameron Falsetti aka CHANES, hails from Detroit, Michigan and living out in Arizona now. He’s worked with Moe Dirdee, Miz Korona, Guilty Simpson, Kurupt and currently finishing an LP with MC Invy Da Truth.

His new record “Renegade Hands”, is the second album made up of music, hand-selected by his good friend House Shoes. The sounds that make up the songs and the overall beauty of the project’s music and structure make it a truly heart-breaking record. Instrumental Hip Hop music with a brand new generation’s voice behind the soundboard rooted in the classics. Chanes has Big Detroit Drums, and can turn old sounds back to the new again. Hitchcock telling you to look on the brighter side (“The Known”), and the also mighty SPEAKER SMASHING song, “PROS (NVLT)” are two highlights. If you’ve never heard Chanes before, this is a wonderful entry point.

This marks his first cassette release. And it’s green.

Full Digital download of entire LP included with tape. Artwork by Mike Combs

1) Intro (ADV)

2) The Known

3) Fields

4) Some Things

5) Tables

6) Renegade Hands

7) Tectonics (Interlude) 

8) INF 

9) Astoria 

10) You Are Here

11) Elzhi Interlude_Switcher

12) Essentials

13) Eighty Nine

14) Pros (NVLT)

15) Premiums

16) Outro (HWA)

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