Evidence - Green Tape Instrumentals (Green Vinyl LP)

Record Label: Fat Beats Distribution

Decon is proud to announce the long awaited “Green Tape Instrumentals”, the fourth in a monumental series of instrumental productions from Los Angeles MC/producer, Evidence. Best known for his vocal prowess as one third of the ground-breaking trio Dilated Peoples and acclaimed solo debut “The Weatherman”, his diverse output includes releases and collaborations with The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, will.i.am, The Alchemist, DJ Babu, Fashawn, The Alchemist and Aceyalone amongst many more.

This release is a continuation of a project Evidence has been exploring since 2004 with “Yellow Tape Instrumentals”, “Purple Tape Instrumentals” and the 2008 Decon release “Red Tape Instrumentals”. Set for release on June 25, “Green Tape Instrumentals” features 20 cuts of the finest instrumental hip-hop you’ll find and is sure to inspire a new generation of switched on heads. Let’s get it straight; what we’re talking about is plain and simple: carefully refined tracks with crisp solid beats, shaped into a sensational full-length audio experience like no other.


1. Self Taught 

2. Killer Bees 

3. Run It Back 

4. Waste Of Time

5. Roc Germany 

6. West Coasting 

7. F Train

8. 3 Murals 

9. First Light 

10. Braille 

11. Break! 

12. India

13. His Country

14. Before Tour 

15. Scrolling 

16. Synth Moments 

17. Good Evening 

18. Mariachi

19. Bong 

20. Scary Clown Music


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