Track List


She Moves She

First Thing

My Angel Rocks Back And Forth

Spirit Fingers



As Serious As Your Life

And They Look Broken Hearted

Slow Jam

CD - Live in Copenhagen: She Moves She

CD - Live in Copenhagen: Everything Is Alright

CD - Live in Copenhagen: Spirit Fingers

CD - Live in Copenhagen: Glue Of The World

CD - Live in Copenhagen: My Angel Rocks Back And Forth

CD - Live in Copenhagen: As Serious As Your Life

CD - Live in Copenhagen: Hands, No More Mosquitos, Calamine, Tangle

Four Tet - Rounds (2xLP - 180 Gram Vinyl + Live CD)
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Record Label: Domino Records

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10th Anniversary 180 gram vinyl reissue, with bonus live CD and download codes.

To coincide with its ten year anniversary, Domino will reissue Four Tet’s seminal 2003 album, Rounds. The reissue will feature the album as well as a live set from Copenhagen recorded near the time of the original release. Rounds will be available as a heavyweight 180g 2LP-set featuring the Copenhagen live set on a bonus CD plus download codes.

The three albums Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, released in quick succession: Pause (2001), Rounds (2003) and Everything Ecstatic (2005) represent a high watermark in new forms of pioneering musical creativity. These recordings fine-tuned the techniques of electronic music: sampling, sequencing, tweaking and injected them with an almost alchemical warmth. Disparate forms such as free jazz, hip hop, concrete tape research music and open string folk tunings are distilled into something that can only be described as sounding like Four Tet.

In retrospect, 2003 seems like a pivotal year in underground music. It was the year the word “dubstep” first appeared in print, and when Dizzee Rascal’s “I Luv U” brought grime exploding into the public consciousness: both things that would turn British club music on its head, and radically rewire a wider scene that had settled in to creative complacency. It was also the year that various more diffuse strands of acoustic and electronic, psychedelic, experimental sound knitted together into something greater that would – albeit in more subtle and subversive fashion – have just as great an effect.

And Four Tet’s Rounds was the album which encapsulated these peculiar, magical stirrings in the cultural undergrowth. Never mind the much vaunted patronage of Radiohead, never mind that Bruce Springsteen is a fan, this is an album which stands on its own merits as brilliantly emblematic of a very particular moment where everything changed.

Rounds was rightly praised as an epochal release and garnered across the board acclaim for its bold innovation and intense musicality. The 10-song set saw Four Tet undertake its biggest worldwide tour to date including visits to China and Taiwan. The record's attendant single "As Serious As Your Life" included an exclusive 12'' of remixes from Detroit underground hip-hop legend Jay Dee. The track is a kinetic, refracted tune whose video made Morris-dancing look like the truly psychedelic, mind opening activity it probably is.