Track List

Cheap Thrills

Love Of My Life

How Could I Be Such A Fool


I'm Not Satisfied

Jelly Roll Gum Drop


Later That Night

You Didn't Try To Call Me

Fountain Of Love

No. No. No.

Anyway The Wind Blows

Stuff Up The Cracks

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - Cruising With Ruben & The Jets (LP)
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Record Label: Zappa

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Release Date: 10/21/2016
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"Is this the Mothers of Invention recording under a different name in a last-ditch attempt to get their cruddy music on the radio?" It didn't work, but who cares: This now stands as a much-loved, oddball item in the Mothers catalogue. Zappa's love for the '50s doo-wop style of early rock'n'roll was never much of a secret, and this collection of (just barely) original tunes was both a tribute and an affectionate sendup. As Zappa explained at the time, "We made it because we really like this kind of music."

After placing doo-wop homages like 'Wowie Zowie" on earlier Mothers albums, Zappa went all the way with silly gems like "Cheap Thrills" and "Jelly Roll Gum Drop," with the original Mothers in all their greasy splendor; while "How Could I Be Such a Fool" and "Stuff Up the Cracks" lampooned the melodrama of early rock ballads. This is the 1984 remix.