Track List

Getcho Money Ready

Geek Goom

The Ballad Of Beulah Baptist

Wuda Cuda Shuda

I Love You Like A Brother

Can't Leave It Alone

El Paso

Andrea 4

Get Down Widcho Baad Self

Ernie's Bag

Smooth Move

Fred Wesley - Wuda Cuda Shuda (LP- Orange Vinyl)
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Record Label: Music On Vinyl

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Release Date: 10/17/2016
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The LP is called Wuda Cuda Shuda because of all the excuses that were made up for not doing it sooner. ''We Wuda done it last year or we Cuda done it when we were in New York or we Shuda done it with the guy from this label or that label and such weak ass procrastinations like that'' - Fred Wesley.

This LP, as it is with the Fred Wesley Band, is an eclectic collection of rhythms.