Hannibal Stax & Marco Polo - Seize The Day (CD)

Record Label: Fat Beats Distribution

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GangStarr Foundation member and rhymesayer Hannibal Stax along with Brooklyn’s leading boom-bap purveyor Marco Polo have teamed up for their new album Seize the Day.  It is the solo debut for Hannibal Stax and one of many Marco Polo projects slated for 2013.


Hailing from Brooklyn NY, Hannibal Stax is a well-known underground emcee, member of acclaimed crew F.A.B.I.D. and a Gang Starr Foundation affiliate.  Originally discovered by DJ Premier, Stax has been a fixture of NYC hip hop for years and was featured on two Gang Starr albums and numerous tracks that were lost in major label vaults.  Although undoubtedly a veteran, Seize The Day represents his long awaited debut release.

Beats are life. Marco “Polo” Bruno, by way of Toronto and now making his home in Brooklyn, lives by this mantra. In a few short years the T. Dot native has gone from green producer with a new MPC 2000XL to a highly sought after purveyor of boom-bap, laying down tracks for the likes of Masta Ace, Boot Camp Clik and Sadat X. Polo’s creative sampling, knocking drums and throwback grooves are fresh and never dated.  In addition to Seize the Day, his 2013 efforts will include the Newport Authority 2 LP and the highly anticipated Port Authority 2, the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album Port Authority which came out in 2007 on Rawkus // Soulspazm.   


  • 1. Seize the Day (Intro)
  • 2. Head Nod
  • 3. B.K.L.Y.N.
  • 4. Seize the Day
  • 5. Real Good
  • 6. Warriorz Drum (feat. Torae)
  • 7. H!!!
  • 8. Gunz & Butter
  • 9. P.O.A.
  • 10. Yeah Baby
  • 11. Keep Grindin
  • 12. iLL Recognize iLL
  • 13. Rigtheous Kill
  • 14. Dreamer
  • 15. 46 Bars of Death




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