Ill Bill - When I Die (Gray Vinyl 7")

Record Label: Uncle Howie Records

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Ill Bill is a cult-rap fixture, an idol to fans across the globe and a direct progenitor of the whatever-wave of New York rap that’s currently en vogue, though there’s a stark difference in his approach. Bill lyrically postulates, provokes, praises and reminisces alternately. The Grimy Awards is as much about what happened in Bill’s tenure on earth thus far as what might have actually happened, and why. It’s extremist in an attempt to overshoot reality and find a spurring medium between what we’re led to believe is the truth, the actual facts, and terrifying potentiality. His prodding is a call to thought, and he uses chronological reference points to frame each verse- but the picture may not always be pretty.

This 7” is available as a limited edition release (only 500 copies pressed) leading up to Bill’s full length THE GRIMY AWARDS out 2/26/2013. 

The Side A version of "When I Die" is exclusive to this 7" and not available on the full length album.

Side A. 

When I Die 

Side B. 

When I Die (Pete Rock Remix)

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