J Dilla - Rebirth Of Detroit Instrumentals (2xLP)

Record Label: Fat Beats Distribution

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Following the success of 2012’s posthumous Rebirth of Detroit CD, the official estate of J Dilla is proud to present Rebirth of Detroit Instrumentals. The new album distills Rebirth of Detroit’s 21 tracks to a lean 12 beats, never before pressed to vinyl, spanning Dilla’s career from Slum Village to Donuts. Containing only carefully sequenced, cherry-picked tracks that span over a decade of work, Rebirth of Detroit Instrumentals serves both as a comprehensive overview of Dilla’s style and as a testament to its profound influence on contemporary producers. The double LP, packaged with entirely new artwork, offers a rare insight into the mind of an artist who has come to define not only Motor City rap but the entirety of hip-hop from the 90’s to today.


  • 1. Detroit Madness 
  • 2. Big Thangs 
  • 3. Ride With It


  • 1. Detroit Game 
  • 2. Feel This Shit 
  • 3. City Of Boom


  • 1. Do It Right 
  • 2. My Victory 
  • 3. Rebirth Is Necessary


  • 1. Dillatroit 
  • 2. Center Of The Movement 
  • 3. Do It For Dilla Dawg

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