Kev Brown - Songs Without Words Vol. 2 (Green & Black Vinyl LP)

Record Label: Redefinition Records

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Very Limited pressing on beautiful Incredible Hulk Gamma- Ray inspired colored vinyl. Every disc is unique.

On Songs Without Words Volume 2, Kev finally shares with us the instrumental versions of his 2010 collab with his Low Budget fam, Kaimbr (Alexander Green). While the versatile Kev Brown remains humble, his notable discography includes production credits for hip-hop legends including De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Jazzy Jeff and others. Known for his ability to chop a sample into smithereens as well as his unique basslines, the landover, Marlyand native is commonly acknowledged as one of the greatest producers of his time. On this project Kev took a Rza / Dilla Donuts inspired approach to how he manipulated sounds and samples to create these dope and minimalist instrumentals.


Side A

01. Solid
02. Gritz
03. Audio Background 04. Firewater
05. Eye-Q Interlude 06. Hook
07. Rappin’
08. Songs

Side B

01. My Apology
02. Low Budget 260 03. Army Fatiguge Rap 04. The Combination 05. We Gon’ Go!
06. More Gritz

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