Lee Fields - Fought For Survival (7")

Record Label: Fat Beats Distribution

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Over the past four years, Lee Fields has released two critically acclaimed full-lengths on the Truth & Soul label which have secured him a younger and extremely dedicated audience. He has been touring the world gaining new fans that now know Mr. Fields for the tough-as-nails, lushly orchestrated sweet soul music that is featured on the “My World” and “Faithful Man” records. However, Mr. Fields’ musical career goes far beyond those two records. The latest 45 is a small glimpse of Mr. Fields’ long and rich career.

Side A, “We Fought For Survival”, was originally released in 1972 as a limited press 45 that was mostly sold from the trunk of Mr. Fields’ car. This is one of the rarest 45 sides in Lee’s catalog; original copies sell for upwards of $1500. The track starts with fuzz guitar and hard-hitting drums which will have most DJs and record collectors foaming at the mouth. Lee sings an autobiographical story about growing up in North Carolina and what it took for his family to survive through harder times.

“Let’s Talk It Over” is one of the most well known songs from the Lee Fields catalog and perfectly showcases what Lee is know best for--a beautiful soul ballad with heavy drums and Lee’s virtuosic singing.

Side A

Fought For Survival

Side B

Let’s Talk It Over

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