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Mi linda


Las lycras del avila


Otra vez

Cachete a cachete

Balada de chusy


Ponerte en cuatro

Mango cool

Nerio compra contestadora

Quiero desintegrar a tu novio

El disco anal

No me pagan


Aldemaro en su camaro

The new sound of the venezuelan gozadera

Los Amigos Invisibiles - The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera (2xLP)
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Record Label: Luaka Bop

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Release Date: 10/14/2016
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David Byrne bought a CD in Tower Records on Broadway (when there was such a thing) because he liked the cover. It was band named Los Amigos Invisibles from Venezuela. I really liked the album and said, "Let's sign them!" David said, "Well go down to Venezuela and check them out live." Venezuela had always seemed less interesting then other Latin American countries, at least from what I had heard, but I went. The first show of theirs I saw turned out to be a demonstration for a lighting company. They performed totally in a fog of smoke and I thought, damn I came all this way to see this somewhat sucky performance, that I'm not even really seeing. Luckily I got to see another show that was great. This is the first album we did. When we signed them they were the among only groups in latin rock to play this sort of dance music and they were ignored in Venezuela at the time, now they have gold records and all that.