Madlib - WLIB: King of the Wigflip (2xLP)

Record Label: Rapster Records

Madlib- maverick, prolific, and tirelessly uninhibited. WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip plays like the days when AM radio ruled the airwaves, transmitting a crackling, low-fi melange of endless sample fodder, vocal snippets, and sonic intuition, turning singles into stars anf lippin wigs with each twist of the dial. WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip finds Madlib venturing away from the deconstruction of world rhythms on recent projects and returning to his Western hemisphere roots in hip hop and R&B.

"Madlib was not consciously meant to be last in the Beat Generation series," says BBE's Peter Adarkwah, but when considering the producer to which he is most often associated- the late J Dilla- it is without question the proper closure.

Play in Pop-up

The New Resident

Blow The Horns On ´Em

The Plan Pt. 1


Gamble On Ya Boy

The Ox (805)

All Virtue

Blinfold Test #10 (He Don´t Play)

The Thang-Thang


Smoke Break

The Plan (Reprise)



Yo Yo Affair Pt. 1 & 2

I Want It Back

Disco Dance

What It Do

Take That Money

Drinks Up!

The Way That I Live




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