Track List

The Beast Festivities


Cosmos In a Child

The Beast Sinfonia

Boys Under the Summer Sky

Wonderful Adventures

A Child Full of Life

Cradle Song

Another Life

Free the Wind

Beautiful Season

Juvenile Psalms

Portrait Of Solitude

A Sword In Your Soul

My Name

Days We All Have

Masakatsu Takagi - The Boy and The Beast (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (LP - 180 Gram Transparent Blue w/ Black Smoke Vinyl)
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Record Label: Milan Entertainment

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Release Date: 11/25/2016
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The Boy And The Beast is a Japanese animated blockbuster directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children, Summer Wars). He is part of the new generation of directors of high quality Japanese animated features.

The Boy and The Beast tells the story of a lost boy in Tokyo, Kyuta. While wandering one night in the back alleys of Shibuya he slips into an alternate universe where he is raised by a bear-man, Kumatetsu, who fights for a living. Kumatetsu trains Kyuta in the art of fighting over the years. But eventually, Kyuta is thrown into a cataclysmic adventure which spans both worlds.

This beautifully crafted animated adventure features a gorgeous and adventurous score by Kyoto-based composer Masakatsu Takagi who previously collaborated with Mamoru Hosoda on Wolf Children.