Myka 9 - Mykology (CD)

Record Label: SoundVise

Known for championing pivotal west coast hip-hop groups Freestyle Fellowship, and Haiku D'Etat, Myka 9 champions his often-imitated, never-duplicated lyrical style around the world. He is known for his rapid-fire, jazz-influenced, melodic rapping, and often incorporates singing and occasional scatting into his songs.

"My rhymes take the direction of a jazz trumpet or sax solo, like Miles or Trane, if I was to rhyme in the same meter as those notes . . . that's my concept."

In 1993, the "Fellowship" (signed then to Island Records label 4th & B'Way) released their second album, "Innercity Griots", which is still considered to be a major landmark in L.A. hip hop.

Now, his 17th album and 6th solo album "Mykology" is available on CD, with the cover art by Mear One.

1. Bright Flashbacks
2. Mind Right
3. Where Would You Be
4. Hey
5. Oh Yeah... Alright
6. Breathin' Down Your Back
7. I Must Cross
8. Trimming
9. Tell Me
10. Face Of A Waterfall
11. Don't You Go

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