Quelle Chris - Niggas Is Men (LP)

Record Label: Mello Music Group

Quelle Chris presents 2Dirt4TV Ep2 “Niggas Is Men”

Put together by Quelle Chris with Cavalier and Fresh Daily; produced by Quelle Chris, Messiah Musik, and Sifu; featuring Tanya Morgan, Denmark Vessey, DJ GroWeyez, Chay, and Bwameeks; “Niggas Is Men” is a dusty, sharp cornered 13 track affair. A prelude to Quelle Chris’s upcoming Mello Music Group debut proper, NIM is a head-nodding, intoxicating journey through reincarnation, long tokes, the poisoned food supply, addiction cycles, and even hot & crusty hoes.

Play in Pop-up

Try To Get Over (feat. DJ GroWeyez)

Long Tokes (feat. Cavalier)

We Eat It (feat. Cavalier)

Natural Flavors (feat. Cavalier, Bwameeks)

Hot n Crusty (feat. Cavalier, Fresh

Greene Eyes (feat. Tanya Morgan, Cavalier, Fresh Daily)

Good Days (feat. Denmark, Fresh Daily, Cavalier)

Addition Cycles (feat. Cavalier)

In Retrograde

Old Friend (feat. Cavalier)

Aura (feat. Mosel, Cavalier)

Are You Ready

G.I. Soul (feat. Cavalier)

We Eat It REMIX (feat. P.U.D.G.E. & Chris Keys)

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