Quelle Chris - Niggas Is Men (LP)

Record Label: Mello Music Group

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Quelle Chris presents 2Dirt4TV Ep2 “Niggas Is Men”

Put together by Quelle Chris with Cavalier and Fresh Daily; produced by Quelle Chris, Messiah Musik, and Sifu; featuring Tanya Morgan, Denmark Vessey, DJ GroWeyez, Chay, and Bwameeks; “Niggas Is Men” is a dusty, sharp cornered 13 track affair. A prelude to Quelle Chris’s upcoming Mello Music Group debut proper, NIM is a head-nodding, intoxicating journey through reincarnation, long tokes, the poisoned food supply, addiction cycles, and even hot & crusty hoes.

  • 1. Try To Get Over (feat. DJ GroWeyez)
  • 2. Long Tokes (feat. Cavalier)
  • 3. We Eat It (feat. Cavalier)
  • 4. Natural Flavors (feat. Cavalier, Bwameeks)
  • 5. Hot n Crusty (feat. Cavalier, Fresh 
  • 6. Greene Eyes (feat. Tanya Morgan, Cavalier, Fresh Daily)
  • 7. Good Days (feat. Denmark, Fresh Daily, Cavalier) 
  • 8. Addition Cycles (feat. Cavalier) 
  • 9. In Retrograde 
  • 10. Old Friend (feat. Cavalier)
  • 11. Aura (feat. Mosel, Cavalier) 
  • 12. Are You Ready
  • 13. G.I. Soul (feat. Cavalier) 
  • 14. We Eat It REMIX (feat. P.U.D.G.E. & Chris Keys)

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