Substance Abuse - Overproof (CD)

Record Label: Threshold Records

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You can almost say that Substance Abuse's Overproof is two albums. One half a chillin' and relaxin' summer time slow ride in the vein of People Under The Stairs and Ugly Duckling, the other a mad scientist surgical creation, lurking somewhere between Kool Keith and the Def Jux crew. Emcees Eso Tre and Subz are adept at invoking the laid back West Coast party vibe, drawling out several cruised out head nodders over the course of the album. Though the second more experimental side of the album doesn't always work as well as it could, it creates a sense of balance and progressive accomplishment rarely seen on a debut album. Flaws aside, the album clearly paints Substance Abuse as a duo to keep an eye on.

Track Listing:

1. Fake Contacts
2. Night On The Town
featuring Kool Keith
3. Profitless Thoughts
featuring M.F. DOOM
4. Mercy Killings
featuring Deranged; Mawnstr; Nebz
5. No Guarantess
6. Myka Nyne (of Freestyle Fellowship) - Interlude
7. Everyone's A Critic
featuring Rasco
8. The Graduate
9. The Sickness
10. Check
featuring Motion Man
11. Withdrawals Pt. 2
12. Can't Call It
featuring P.E.A.C.E. (of Freestyle Fellowship); Deranged; Mawnstr
13. I Don't Mean To Talk Shit (Ill Spoken Skit)
14. Collateral Damage
featuring Prego; Zest
15. Fractured Form
featuring Erik Solo
16. Sickness (Remix)
featuring Saafir
17. Night On The Town (Video)

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