Track List

Going Down For The Last Time(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Tell Me(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Natural(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Blueberry Hill(Mixed By Mr Thing)

The World(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Mr Machine(Re-Edit)(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Can We Rap(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Simple Song(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Cross Bronx Expressway(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Love Call(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Contradiction(Mixed By Mr Thing)

I Wanna Be Loved By You(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Free Your Mind(Mixed By Mr Thing)

I Ain't Fair,But It's Fun(Re-Edit)(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Funky Brother(Re-Edit)(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Psycho(Mixed By Mr Thing)

Silly Savage(Mixed By Mr Thing)

You Got Me Hung Up(Unmixed)

Spread Love(Unmixed)

Cross Bronx Expressway(Unmixed)

Funky Brother(Re-Edit)(Unmixed)

Simple Song(Unmixed)

Free Your Mind(Unmixed)

Mr Machine(Re-Edit)(Unmixed)


(I Can)Deal With That(Unmixed)


I Wanna Be Loved By You(Kenny Dope Edit)(Unmixed)


Blueberry Hill(Unmixed)

Going Down For The Last Time(Unmixed)

It Ain't Fair,But It's Fun(Re-Edit)(Unmixed)


Love Call(Unmixed)

Tell Me(Unmixed)

Silly Savage(Unmixed)

The World(Unmixed)

Can We Rap(Unmixed)

V/A - Keb Darge Presents The Best of Legendary Deep Funk (2xLP - Gatefold)
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Record Label: BBE

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Release Date: 10/28/2016
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Fittingly enough, to celebrate BBE’s 20th year, we’ve asked Keb to select his greatest hits from the ‘Deep Funk’ series, presented on heavyweight vinyl, CD and digital formats. The compilation contains edits by Keb’s deep funk contemporaries Ian Wright & Kenny Dope, as well as standout tracks from over 20 years of ‘Legendary Deep Funk’