Red Apples 45

AG & Ray West - The Nickel EP (EP)

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The Nickel EP marks Red Apples 45's five year anniversary. It's only right for AG & Ray West to celebrate the label in the spirit it started. The Nickel showcases the duo's chemistry and growth while keeping to their essence. Special guests appearances that include Roc Marciano, L Fudge, John Robinson and Red Apples' own Superstar Dave Dar.

With original water color art by world renown artist & Graffiti writer Cern1 of the Ymi crew. To all that have supported us: The red apples movement has been about the music from its inception and will continue to be. Our only goals are quality pieces and culture preservation. Thanks to all the great artists whom have contributed their various talents and energy to our projects along the way. Thank you to all the people who have listened, shared, purchased, blogged, downloaded, interviewed, wrote about & help spread the word of our movement. This EP is dedicated to the late Party Arty.


Red apples

U ain't me

Don't ya baby

Alfa Romero feat L-FUDGE & DAVE DAR

Red Apple Kings feat Roc Marciano

Die another day

The one ( interlude )

Common Man

We go hard feat John Robinson & Dave Dar