Producers I Know

Calvin Valentine - Avocado Hi (Cassette)


"Avocado Hi" is a collection of beats that Calvin Valentine has accumulated over span of 2013 and 2015 which he ultimately decided to include in a singular project. He called upon turntablist DJ Celsius to provide scratches, added film dialogue at key points to make it a concise project that enlisted the aid of EYRST and Producers I Know to bring it to fruition with visuals and a platform to present his vision to the public.

“Avocado Hi” is an invitation to get in on the ground floor before Calvin Valentine stock goes way up.

G’s Up

Bringer Of Peace

Beverly Hi

Stony Brown

The Juice

Over (Bush Doctor)

Perfect Bud


Higher (Grounds)

Go Lo



Wait A Minute

Xold Xhanxe

Unknown Profits

Crime (One 4 Theory)


Golden Budz

Say Yes

Still Got Me