Career Crooks (Zilla Rocca & Small Professor) - Good Luck With That (Cassette)

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Career Crooks is the culmination of the long collaborative relationship between Zilla Rocca & Small Professor, and “Good Luck With That” is the kind of brilliance that is born out of that familiarity. Small Professor’s production is the spiritual cousin of RZA’s work on Cuban Linx at times...matching the moody atmosphere that breathed life into that project, but making it his own and creating something that feels like twilight in Philadelphia. Zilla takes the mood set by Small Pro and runs with it, dropping a seamless combination of stream of consciousness raps and expert story telling. The combination is a mesmerizing originality that taps into the feeling that we all had when we first fell in love with the form.

“Good Luck With That” features guest appearances from DJ Manipulator, Curly Castro, ALASKA, My Man Shafe, Defcee, s.habIB, PremRock, Dewey Bryan, MaLLy, and PremRock, and while they all add texture to the flavor, it is the team work between Zilla and Small Pro that really makes the project cook.

With “Good Luck With That”, Career Crooks are placing their stamp on the modern rap renaissance. It is a perfectly vital addition to the genre and deserves your attention.

Good Luck With That

Corrupt Novelist [feat. DJ Manipulator]

Least Important Most Important [feat. DJ Manipulator]

Mike Milligan (Kitchen Brothers) [feat. Curly Castro, ALASKA, and My Man Shafe]

Angel Dust (Leak Brothers 2) [feat. Defcee]

Rocca Luminous [feat. s.habIB and PremRock]

Diamond Cutter Sutra

Lipstick Itch

Cold Ten Thousand

Clock’s Ticking

Dock Street Suspicions

Newlywed [feat. Dewey Bryan, MaLLy, and PremRock]

Steve Martin [feat. DJ Manipulator]

We Say Peace