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Peace Of Mind - Drum Addict (Cassette)

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Limited to 100 cassettes! Peace Of Mind’s “Drum Addict” is his long awaited return to form and his re-dedication to his art and his first love of making music. Over 22 tracks, he crafts yet another monstrous opus full of tracks you’ll put on repeat that will have heads nodding and faces scrunched up worldwide. Don’t sleep.

Stay Woke

Fight The Future

Please Wait For Me (I Love You)

Doap Pusher

Love Hurts

Foresight Vs. Vision

Guess Who?

It’s On Like Donkey Kong


The Long Road Back

The Whole World’s A Stage

Am I Wrong?

80’s Baby

A Horse Of Another Color

Since 1893

The Wave



Feel The Beat

Red October

Reaching For My Coat

When It’s Over