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Angelo De Augustine - Tomb (LP - Limited Red Vinyl)


'Tomb’, the third full length album from Thousand Oaks, CA’s Angelo de Augustine, addresses lost love, the cost of honesty, and the ramifications of regret. It's a deeply inward album, but like the best albums about heartbreak, 'Tomb' transforms pain into beauty. “This album is at its core a prayer for hope and clarity, and a prayer for love,” says De Augustine.

The record is a significant shift from his previous home recordings, such as previous album ’Swim Inside The Moon'. It was recorded at NYC’s Reservoir Studios with his friend and renowned musician Thomas Bartlett (a.k.a. Doveman), whose credits include work on albums for Sufjan Stevens, Glen Hansard, and Rhye. 'Tomb' is a musical breakthrough for De Augustine, with Bartlett's artful production spotlighting his increasingly impressive songwriting.

The songs of 'Tomb' achieve grandeur with sweeping minimalism: a voice, a guitar, and the occasional flourishes of Bartlett's signature piano and instrumental arrangements. But the simple strength of songs like "Time," "You Needed Love, I Needed You," and "Kaitlin" will remind listeners that De Augustine is among the best of the rising crop of young, emotionally compelling singersongwriters.


All To The Wind

You Needed Love, I Needed You

I Could Be Wrong




Somewhere Far Away


A Good Man’s Light

Bird Has Flown

All Your Life