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Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam (2xLP)

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How can you describe Animal Collective? With every new record you hold your breath. Early releases like Spirit They’ve Gone and Here Comes The Indian pulled each other apart in a kaleidoscope of ideas. Sung Tongs leapt out of the speakers full of sophisticated, primitive campfire hollers and harmonies. Feels was more mysterious and celestial, a little more introverted. Throughout their recordings, the band always sound starry eyed, as if intoxicated by their ability to fuse a basic need to pummel and scream into some strange new harmony. In terms of its scale and vision on the band’s 6th studio album, Strawberry Jam feels like space dust and radar falling on the desert and making it bloom. Strawberry Jam is the sound of a band spinning wildly and intoxicated, at the cusp of their powers, as thick and rich and sweet and colorful as it sounds.


Unsolved Mysteries


For Reverend Green



Winter Wonder Land

Cuckoo Cuckoo