Kill Rock Stars

Elliott Smith - Either/Or (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)


Late great singer/songwriter Elliott Smith released his first solo album, Roman Candle in 1994. He followed it up with the self-titled Elliott Smith in 1995 and Either/Or in 1997, both issued on the independent label Kill Rock Stars. Heart sewn firmly to his sleeve, Smith continued his tuneful dissection of life and what makes it difficult with his third minor-key masterpiece, Either/Or, a collection of strong '60s pop melodies and quiet, melancholy acoustic works.

Smith plays all the instruments himself and the themes range from intense introspection to artful critiques of hypercapitalism. Either/Or cuts "Angeles" and "Between the Bars" were both included on the soundtrack for Gus Van Sant's 1997 film Good Will Hunting among other Smith originals, leading to his star making performance at the 1998 Academy Awards.

Speed Trials


Ballad of Big Nothing

Between the Bars

Pictures of Me

No Name #5

Rose Parade

Punch and Judy


Cupid's Trick

2:45 AM

Say Yes