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Helado Negro - Island Universe Story (LP - Clear/Tinsel Vinyl + Download Card)


Created alongside his better known and more often performed work, Island Universe Story: Selections compiles songs chosen from three Island Universe Story tapes, released between 2012-2014, and puts them to vinyl - on a special, clear tinsel LP, limited to 1000 copies.

If the Island Universe Story cassettes were subconscious representations of other worlds in his and our shared imagination, this limited edition vinyl represents the leakiness between those worlds. Some of the records contain silver threads, the sheddings of those dreamy beasts that have joined him on stage in cities all over the world, animated by new friends in each venue where Helado Negro has performed.

Other records in this limited pressing contain other colors of tinsel, the remnants or rumor of other realms in the multiverse, the blue, gold, or multi-colored metallic sweepings left behind by creatures we haven’t yet met and can only imagine.

Note: the tinsel does cause slight static pops.

We Will You


Las Preguntas


Mitad De Tu Mundo


Con Mi Suerte


Stop Living Dead

Salva Nada