Kumasi Trio - Fanti Guitar in West Africa 1928, Vol. 1 (LP)

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These rare recordings are some of the first ever featuring traditional African music played on western instruments. This cultural exchange led to completely new genres in music, most importantly, Highlife. Kumasi is a Gold Coast city in Ghana, West Africa, that, at the time, did not feature much more than an open air market and one of the first British department stores in the continent. The Trio is made up on H.E. Biney on guitar, Kwah Kanta on percussion, and Jacob Sam on guitar, with all three contributing on vocals. The trio was brought to London to record these tracks in the Summer of 1928.

While efforts were made in the mastering process to attain the highest possible audio quality, the limitations of the source 78s are evident. Do not, however, let that disturb your listening enjoyment or regard for their historical significance.

Womma Onye Bi

Adjuah Adadziwah, Part 1

Adjuah Adadziwah, Part 2

Yaw Donkor

Opuhim Wuara

Pen Pen Sin

Akodaa Wisua

Banasko Na Kewsi Ayaw

Amponsah, Part 1

Amponsah, Part 2

So Wu Bam

Araban Tekuah Kesi