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Dave Harrington Group - Pure Imagination, No Country (LP + Download Link)

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Since the 2011 debut of Dave Harrington's revered Darkside project with long-time collaborator, Nicolas Jaar, Harrington has become one of this century's most unlikely guitar heroes. Harrington blends avant-garde improvisational jazz roots to psychedelic touchstones like Jerry Garcia and David Gilmour, to sophisticated dance-floor burners. While his latest album, Pure Imagination, No Country, doesn't necessarily sound like a Darkside record, it exists at a different axis in the same continuum. Harrington uses guitar as a lead voice, sculpting and creating a new core language with a gifted cadre of players including vibraphonist Will Shore, synth bassist Andrew Fox, drummer Samer Ghadry, and post-rock polymath Lars Horntveth of Jagga Jazzist.


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No Country

Pure Imagination