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Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock: The Album (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)


Originally released in 1986 this is actually a collection of 12” singles and songs dating back as far as 1982, the year that the absolute, stone classic, “Planet Rock” 12” was released. One of the most important singles in the history of hip-hop, it incorporates elements of Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express” and is the first documented use of an 808 drum machine in hip-hop/R&B. The rest of the record is no slouch either, including the classic single “Searching For The Perfect Beat” and collaborations with Melle Mel and D.C.’s Trouble Funk.

Planet Rock

Looking For the Perfect Beat

Renegades of Funk

Frantic Situation

Who You Funkin' With?

Go Go Pop

They Made a Mistake