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Fifty Foot Hose - Bad Trips (LP - Gold Vinyl)

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Electro-Psych Origins' Nobody went full-on electro-rock before Fifty Foot Hose. Before their brief-but-groundbreaking run in the late 60s, Bad Trips collects the demos, outtakes, and other rarities that complete the story of a band too far ahead of its time to last. From the pre-Hose tracks of boldly atonal, proto-psychedelic freakout music to early versions of songs that would land on their opus, Bad Trips boldy displays how Fifty Foot Hose changed the landscape of rock and experimental electronic music.

Bad Trip (33 ⅓ RPM Version)


Fly Free

Bad Trip (45 RPM Version)

Red The Sign Post (Alternate Version)

If Not This Time (Alternate Version)

Good Morning Girl