Jonny Drop - In The Pocket (LP)

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"In The Pocket" - A library record containing 16 drum breaks, compositions w/ stems & misc percussion. Recorded to a Raindirk Audio Symphony LN2 console on to 1/2” tape, then mixed and mastered. 

“As a sampling artist, I’m always looking for breaks or for that matter any kind of drum hit to use. There’s something about those textures and natural harmonics you get from sampling vinyl that you just can’t beat, so when Dan asked if I’d be interested in putting a library record together for KingUnderground, it was a no brainer!” 

“I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful farm in Suffolk and when I was a teenager my dad bought a second-hand snooker table that we set up in the same room as the drum kit. So the theme for this was easy, Snooker/Breaks. Since my childhood these two things have been synonymous.” – Jonny Drop

Cue Ball (composition)

In The Pocket (composition)

Triangles (composition)

65 BPM Crucible Break

70 BPM UK Break

75 BPM Masters Break

80 BPM Pot Luck Break

85 BPM Player Break

90 BPM Shark Break

95 BPM Baize Break

95 BPM Bump Break

95 BPM Cushion Break

95 BPM Plant Break

100 BPM Chalky Break

105 BPM Rocket Break

110 BPM Wizard Break

115 BPM Nugget Break

120 BPM Whirlwind Break

147 BPM Maximum Break

Brady Snare

Hayman Snare


Kick Drum

Crash & Ride Cymbals

Misc Rides

Misc Percussion

Cue Ball Guitar Wet (stem)

Cue Ball Rhodes (stem)

Cue Ball Bassline (stem)

In The Pocket Guitar Wet (stem)

In The Pocket Bassline (stem)

In The Pocket Congas (stem)

In The Pocket Shaker Wet (stem)

Triangles Guitar (stem)

Triangles Rhodes (stem)

Triangles Bass Line (stem)