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Asterix Music - S.T.U.D. (7")


Music can be a great way to deliver a warning and “She’ll Take You Down” (S.T.U.D.) is just that. This song is a cautionary tale about an incredibly beautiful woman who preys on unsuspecting guys, makes them fall in love and leaves them broke and brokenhearted. The song features an uptempo synth groove primed and ready for the dance floor.

In customary fashion the B side (“First Date”) gives the listener a second serving of raw unfiltered boogie funk. The song is written from the perspective of a young man trying to entice his crush to take him up on a “First Date”. The song's hard funk drums and bass are well complimented by Asterix Music’s smooth vocals and witty songwriting.

She’ll Take You Down (S.T.U.D.)

First Date