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DJ DSK - DNA Breaks (7" - Splatter Vinyl)

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DNA in partnership with Dinked records brings you the first in a series of 7” collaborations between scratch producers and visual artists. “DNA Breaks – DJ DSK” showcases cover art by Phnom Penh, Cambodia based French graffiti artist, Alias 2.0 and audio production by DJ DSK. This volume contains 9 skipless scratches and 1 scratch sentence pressed onto a splattered two color transparent vinyl with a picture cover.

I get nice like I’m on a rampage

Style ahhh go

It’s gotta be so damn fresh

Noise the mad styles

Listen the the rhythm fresh noise1 noise 2

Step up stand back cut it

Ahhh yeah yall rock that

Listen to the scratching fresh

Like this ahhhh

Scratch sentence