Beat Junkie Sound

J Rocc - Funky President Edits Vol. 4: The Funky Pres Mix Part 1&2 (7")


Hailed as the world’s best club DJ, J Rocc continues to capture music enthusiasts around the globe. In 1992, Jason Jackson, internationally known as J Rocc, launched his vision of forming a DJ crew comprised of talented musicians, by introducing to the world Southern California’s first turntable band - the Beat Junkies. A prized accomplishment enthusiastically received by worldwide audiences, J.Rocc continues to invent musical styles that display his creative expertise. Highly recognized for his funky showcases and original arrangements, J Rocc has clearly distinguished his place in music history.

The Funky Pres Mix, Part 1 & 2

The Funky Pres Mix, Part 5 & 6