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Mount Eerie - 2 remixes by Wolves In The Throne Room (7" - Picture Disc)

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Limited to 1000 units.

Two raw and unmixed songs from “Wind’s Poem” were transferred from the original analog tape masters into the ProTools HDX system at Owl Lodge. The studio is situated in the woods near Olympia, WA and is the headquarters of Wolves in the Throne Room.

A single vocal track from “Lost Wisdom” was layered with newly recorded digital synths and a heavy bass from a vintage Korg MS-20. Wisps of the original organ and guitar appear in a heavily processed form.

“Mouth of Sky” was created using techniques inspired by Lee “Scratch” Perry. In this case, the original tracks were routed to a variety of analog and digital FX units via the faders on the studio’s Harrison PP1 console. The mix was performed in real time.

Mouth of Sky (Wolves In The Throne Room remix)

Lost Wisdom pt. 2 (Wolves In The Throne Room remix)