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Plutonic Lab Feat. Natalie Slade & Raiza Biza – Blind Eyes / Give It Up (7")


Australian award-winning producer Plutonic Lab returns with a sophisticated, genre-defying Double A Side Single ‘Blind Eyes’ and ‘Give It Up.’ 

Pluto brings together a strong list of talented artists: The soulful, smoky voice of Natalie Slade, New Zealand based Rwandan rapper Raiza Biza, and multi-instrumentalist 8H. 

The two tracks mark an intoxicating return for the producer, showcasing how he is able to bring together artists’ of diverse backgrounds and styles to display skills, restraint and synergy in a moment in time. 
Plutonic Lab says, “I feel the sound of these two pieces have a great balance between electronic textures, acoustic instrumentation, jazz, tough beats, and clout.” 

The two songs are an example of Plutonic Lab’s collaborative, versatile nature and his ability to cross genres without limitations. 

Blind Eyes

Give It Up