Sea Note

The Sundowners - Ancient Cares (7")

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Music might be fun! It’s an interactive experience, not a chore—or worse, a meaningless task repeated endlessly for an unclear reason, like clicking on a playlist and going about your business. That’s why Sea Note is proud to bring back an old favorite from the days of standalone physical records: The Sundowners! It’s been over twenty years since we’ve heard from them, but in the mid-1990s, they released three 7-inch records: “Goat Songs,” “The Girl With the Thing In Her Hair,” and “Singing Death Chants to the Stars.” Each one of these releases were so distinctive, each in its own way, that rumors immediately spread that each one was actually a Drag City act in disguise, slumming it on Sea Note! An insulting suggestion for The Sundowners themselves, whose shapeshifting abilities were one of the decade’s most underrated stories. Perhaps this is why the long gap between the third and fourth 7-inch? Ultimately, none of this matters— just plop the tonearm down into the groove and you’ll experience the singular experience of The Sundowners in an all-new sound. With their trademark lo-fi ingenuity, they forge a set of minimal yet hooky pop tunes, tweaked and brimming with colorful approaches to old tropes, with recycled psych-synth oddments from the history of sweet music. Spin a copy, you’ll see!