Hobo Camp

Brian Ellis - Quarantine Tapes Volume One (Digital)


"Quarantine Tapes Volume One" is a 2 1/2 hour collection of improvised tracks recorded live using an array of hardware synths and drum machines running into a vintage mixer and recorded straight to cassette tape. No computers used. Recorded 03-18-2020 and 04-04-2020 in Escondido, CA...Mastered to VHS tape. Artwork by San Francisco based artist Alan Forbes, layout and design by Brian Ellis.


  1. Beats of Age
  2. Amy Good Gorilla
  3. Town Car
  4. Wormhole
  5. Stillborn
  6. Number Munchers
  7. Math Blasters
  8. Spinning Lights
  9. Cigar Stub
  10. Clown Car
  11. Hard In The Paint
  12. Meet Me
  13. Electriseltzer
  14. FadeRaw