Ninja Tune

Daedelus - Bespoke (2xLP)

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After a busy couple of years of touring, remixing and releasing singles and EPs with Brainfeeder, All City, Magical Properties (the Daedelus home-imprint), Alpha Pup, Warp and Stones Throw, Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus returns with his new full length album on Ninja Tune, Bespoke, a title summing up the unique and eccentric vision of a musical artist as obsessed with the clothing of the Victorian era as he is with the music of the future.

Tailor-Made (feat. Milosh)

Sew, Darn, Mend

Penny Loafers (feat. Inara George)

One And Lonely (feat. Young Dad)

Suit Yourself

What Can You Do? (feat. Busdriver)

French Cuffs (feat. Baths)

In Tatters (feat. Kelela)

Slowercase D

Overwhelmed (feat. Bilal)


Anticipation Of (feat. Om'mas Keith)