Ill Adrenaline Records

Kev Brown Presents Hassaan Mackey - That Grit (CD)


That Grit is a collaborative album between Kev Brown and Hassaan Mackey, and was entirely produced by Brown, who has come in recent years to be recognized as one of the best underground producers in the game.

Features include Grap Luva, Asheru (of Unspoken Heard), yU, Toine, and Low Budget crew members Kaimbr, Eye-Q, and Kenn Starr.


Git Em’ feat. yU, Toine, Kaimbr, Eye-Q & Kev Brown

Dope feat. Kaimbr & Kev Brown

Money Mike feat. Kev Brown & Kenn Starr

Yatti feat. Kaimbr

Hassaan Be Rappin’

What You Got feat. Kev Brown, Asheru & Grap Luva

Simone (Louder)


Git Em’ (Instrumental)

Dope (Instrumental)

Money Mike (Instrumental)

Yatti (Instrumental)

Hassaan Be Rappin’ (Instrumental)

What You Got (Instrumental)