King Underground

M.T. Fujitive - Prudence (Single) (Digital)


Berlin based producer / beat maker, M.T. Fujitive maintains his chill, with new single “Prudence” from upcoming KingUnderground ‘Strata’ compilation.

After becoming obsessed with 90’s hip hop in 2013, M.T. Fujitive found himself immersed in Ableton. He was convinced that people had stopped making the types of beats that were composed in the “Golden Era” and had drawn him into the art form. That was until he discovered the music of German based producer/ beat maker, Wun Two.

M.T. Fujitive’s new sample based track “Prudence” is a calm, laid-back beat, which is a reflection of the cool headed producer's personality, which permeates in the song, and allows the listener to just breathe and relax.