Paxico Records

Ohbliv - Rugged Tranquility Volume 1 (Digital)



Vol. 1: The original Rugged Tranquility handed us the comb with which to style afro-textured sensibility. “Slapboxin’ Wit Ya Momma” has all the bounce of a club-focused beat, with a face-twisting phased guitar / keyline combo that swirls and churns psychedelically atop a crate digger's buffet of two-step drumming. “Send It On Down” is a beat lover’s bread and butter - richly hued vocals dance atop a solid foot with melodic chops that revolve like a satellite around an addicting rhythm. “Lemme Holla Holla” beckons and calls atop a warped guitar, a delayed tambourine sprinkled atop this dreamy admixture.