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Panic! At The Disco - Pretty. Odd. (LP)

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Panic At the Disco subverted the potential for a sophomore slump by taking a sharp left turn from the emo-fused pop-punk of their debut, A FEVER YOU CAN'T SWEAT OUT. Rather than retracing the footsteps that brought them popularity, Panic At the Disco made PRETTY. ODD., a headlong dive into pure 1960s pop psychedelia. From the floral print cover-art (framed by a vintage photo album-style border) to the artfully constructed retro symphonic pop inside, PRETTY. ODD. will surprise fans and stump naysayers.

Both the self-referential opener, "We're So Starving," and the lead single, "Nine in the Afternoon," with its soaring chorus and echoing horn lines, channel SGT. PEPPERS-era Beatles. The drowsy, lovely "Northern Downpour" and the music hall send-up (complete with added vinyl crackle), "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces," suggest the band has also been listening to the Beatles' WHITE ALBUM. But although PRETTY. ODD. is indebted to the Fab Four, it also has a contemporary feel, and no shortage of guitar-charged rock. Most surprising is that this unlikely experiment succeeds on the merit of its ambition, wit, and fine melodic songwriting.

We're So Starving

Nine In The Afternoon (Radio Mix)

She's A Handsome Woman

Do You Know What I'm Seeing?

That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

I Have Friends In Holy Spaces

Northern Downpour

When The Day Met The Night

Pas De Cheval

The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know

Behind The Sea

Folkin' Around

She Had The World

From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins

Mad As Rabbits