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Parekh & Singh - Science City (CD)

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Science City is the second LP from Kolkata dream pop duo Parekh & Singh. If their debut Ocean conjured a lush landscape populated by magical creatures, Science City sees our sharp-suited star-gazers materialising in another dimension - a retro sounding futurescape of doctors and scientists, quantum mechanics and plans to unlock the secrets of the “Universosphere”. Parekh’s sublime vocals once again backed by vintage synths and Singh’s joyously experimental percussion. Opener Sunbeam depicts an ‘AI being’ blinking in the sun whilst contemplating its own obsolescence. Down at the Sky is an Escher-like search for truth and Hello is described curiously as “creamy music for advanced night time driving on deserted streets”. The squelchy synths and xylophone runs of Be Something channel a rainy day Steely Dan. While Evening Sun soars over circuit board landscapes, with 8-bit laser gun FX pulsing through, Monkey depicts a video game set in a luminous forest biosphere. Following Surgeon’s dissection of the dark heart of the infosphere, the Prog Pop splendour of 100 Shadows journeys below “our troubled surface world” to a secret kingdom of synthesisers. Summer Skin opens a hazy portal to the bucolic, where we find our singer alone with an acoustic, pondering the “momentariliness of life”. For all the talk of “particle physics” and “aerodynamics”, it’s love that sustains life in the dreamy Fwd Slash. Soul-pop gem Crystalline brings this album to a fittingly sublime conclusion. With Science City, Parekh & Singh commit 11 heavenly tracks of the freshest, dreamiest pop to the Cosmos. The soundtrack to a new dream of India. Today, India is dreaming new dreams and this is the soundtrack.


Down At The Sky


Summer Skin

Be Something

Evening Sun


Forward Slash


One Hundred Shadows