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Ras_G - Raw Fruit Vol. 3-4 (2xLP + Download Card)

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Ras_G is one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a co-founder of the Poo-Bah label, and hip-hop beat-maker who digs probably deeper than any into the worlds of free jazz, jazz fusion and afrofuturism.

The prolific producer currently has two albums on Brainfeeder, two released by Poo-Bah, and several on Leaving Records, including the beat tape series Raw Fruit. As with Volumes 1&2 in April of last year, Volumes 3&4 have been combined into a double LP for release this November.

Hear U (MPC 2000XL) made in Uganda

Wulu Riddim (MPC 2000XL)

2 Kushy (MPC 2000XL)

Rawk`n (Sp 303)

Foreign Language (Sp 303)

Keep It Crev (MPC 2000XL) feat. Giovanni Marks

Tomita Kush (MPC 2000XL)

Rap Life Interlude (Sp 303)

Lovin…. (MPC 2000XL)

T.V. Party (Sp 404)

Fa Shiro (MPC 2000XL)

_G iz Us 7 (MPC 2000XL)

Walk With Me feat. KhaiLL Sadiq (Sp 303)

Ice…(Sp 404)

Spaceship On Cruise Control (MPC 2000XL)

Bruce Leroy Glow feat. The Koreatown Oddity

South Central Matrix (Demo Version) feat. KhaILL Sadiq

Black Daffi’s Revenge (feat. Jeremiah Jae)

$2 Cup of Water

Da Hipster Hummus


Stoney O'Hara

$10 Coffee Cake

James Is the Father

Spacebase Identification (feat. Kahil Sadiq)

Vegan Soul Food

Lincoln 2 Step (Tej 2 the Head)

Got (Gear Games)

Biscuit Tease....


What Would Paul Mooney Say?

The Green One (feat. Kahil Sadiq)