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Showbiz - A-Room Therapy (CD)

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The 4th release on the D.I.T.C. imprint, DITC Studious, is the first Showbiz ‘Producer Album’ since ‘Street Talk’ in 2005. Following on from the recent Showbiz & A.G. return ‘Take It Back’, Show is continuing to churn out boom bap beats for quality emcees to bless. Featuring D.I.T.C. crew members and affiliates such as O.C. and A.G., this is another banger for the real heads.

Do What I Want 2 (ft. David Bars)

Burn Something (ft. Tashane & A Bless)

The Kalief Tale (ft. David Bars)

The Company (ft A.G. & A Bless)

Bronx Day (ft. Tashane & Majestic Gage)

City Of The Gods (ft. A.G.)

Speak Ya Mind

I’ma Ride (ft. A.G.)

Put You Down

Pull Out The Gage

Toe 2 Toe (ft. Tashane)

Love Never Dies (ft. David Bars)

The Science (ft. David Bars & O.C.) [CD Exclusive Track]

Recovery (ft. O.C.) [CD Exclusive Track]