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Soul Clap feat. Kathy Brown - Ready To Freak (EP)

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Soul Clap return with a disco infused tribute to New York nightlife ‘Ready To Freak’, featuring the legendary Kathy Brown on vocals. This Billboard charting vocalist was known for her 90’s number one single ‘Turn Me Out’. 

‘Ready To Freak’ is the US based duo’s first excursion on their eponymous Soul Clap Records since their collaboration with Funkadelic in 2014 and features four versions to suit any discerning dancefloor, boombox or Walkman! 

The 'Disco Mix' lives up to its name, edited and arranged by Morgan Wiley (Midnight Magic, Hercules & The Love Affair). It takes the melodies and basslines of the original demo and loads them up with Wiley's keyboard wizardry over live drums. On the 'Disco Dub' Soul Clap's Eli aka Bamboozle and Wiley flip the groove with a Roland RX7 drum machine for that 80's proto-house feel. 

On the B-side, Soul Clap's Charlie aka Lonely C pulls out all the stops for a pumped up piece of floor shaking house music on his 'Club Electronique’, while his 'Dub Electronique' makes things DJ friendly with a bass driven drum work out that that's already had massive reactions during DJ sets.

Ready To Freak (Disco Mix)

Ready To Freak (Disco Dub)

Ready To Freak (Acapella)

Ready To Freak (Lonely C's Club Electronique)

Ready To Freak (Lonely C's Dub Electronique)