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Torb The Roach & Floppy McSpace - Tape Echo: Gold Floppies (LP)


Limited to 300 copies. 

Inspired by Ultraman and Norwegian nature, Torb the Roach and Floppy McSpace joined forces and cooked up their instrumental debut. The result, Tape Echo Gold Floppies. It tickles your senses with low fidelity rhythms, time warping space echo, rare world spices and psychedelic field recordings.  

Along with the project they’ve also released a 15-minute motion picture revealing the extraordinary story of how the record came to be; a dramatic piece involving ski accidents, black coffee magic and brutal fight scenes. 

The album is a combination of beats from the SP1200/S950 combo as well as dubs & effects from the Roland 201 Space Echo. Torb collects rare, obscure, world funk and rare groove records from India, Thailand, China & Japan. There are a bunch of dusty loops on the record made from his digs. 

Hand drawn illustrations, pictures of equipment and a photo of Floppy McSpace make the cover, design by Ocht & Torb.  

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