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Wylie Cable - Buried at Sea (LP)

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"For me the new album represents mortality, the afterlife, the soul, and the body. For me personally it also speaks to family, history, community, artist communities especially, and the fact that we can do more together than alone. Buried At Sea is the cyclical nature of time, the process of grieving, and ultimately, the road back to happiness and peace." — Wylie Cable

In loving memory of Arthur Cable & Rosalind DeMille.

All songs Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Wylie Cable
Mastered by Christian Emmet aka Gangus 

Omnichord and Guitar Pedal processing performed and recorded by Kenny Segal on ‘Fiddlers Green’
Bass Clarinet by Daedelus on ‘Pirouette’, recorded by Kenny Segal.
Vocals performed and recorded by Laura Darlington on ‘The Cave Dweller & The Sea Fairer’, Lyrics by Wylie Cable. Co-Produced by Wylie Cable, John Knot & Ahee, with additional mixing by Chris Adams aka Ahee.

Album Cover Artwork by Wyatt Mills
Layout/Design by Anne Mills Coté

Making Tea For Ghosts

Oh My Night

Fiddlers Green (feat. Kenny Segal)

Pirouette (feat. Daedelus)

The Boy With Shark Teeth

Body = Tomb

Iced Oolong Tea

Karate Chop


A Sorcerer of Questionable Morality

Dog Park

The Cave Dweller & The Sea Fairer (feat. Laura Darlington)