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J-Zone - Guerrilla Drums (2x7")


After the positive response to (and heavy sampling of) 2014’s Lunch Breaks and 2015’s Backyard Breaks, drummer/producer J-Zone took a break from the breaks. Looking to improve and develop as an all-around drummer, the New York native spent the next two years woodshedding, performing live with bands in different genres in New York City and developing his own funk bands, The Du-Rites and The Zone Identity. Zone also had big shoes to fill when he found himself in the drum chair for legendary funk outfit (and drum break/DJ staple), Manzel. The late-blooming drummer’s journalism background also inspired the Red Bull Music Academy column, Give The Drummer Some, in which he interviews some of the most recorded and sampled drummers of all time. With a two year crash course in playing, studying, practicing and talking drums with some of the greatest break architects of all time, J-Zone returns with knowledge and polish he didn’t have for the first two installments. 24 breaks deep, Guerrilla Drums is the result.

Since his previous installment, J-Zone has laid down grooves for Danger Mouse, Alchemist, Prince Paul, Marco Polo, DJ Skizz, Bobbito Garcia’s upcoming Rock, Rubber, 45s documentary and more. Zone’s drumming has been noted on social media by Questlove, DJ Scratch, Steve Arrington and more. More versatile than Lunch Breaks and more jam-packed than Backyard Breaks, effort #3 is worth the wait.

Fix Your Muffler

40 Dog Of Cool Colt

Diddly Dee

Epsom Salt


Coke Spoon


Alfred Lawless

Bell Ringer

Nasty Baby Carrots 2.0

Alice The Goon

Diddy Bop

Bug In A Rug

Back In Five

Corinthian Leather

Ghetto Roller Rink

Slap Tear Stomp

Frank Cody

Smoker's Jacket


Limpin' Round The Shack

Cold Turkey

Sweep The Flo'