Capital Q Music

Q-Unique - The Mechanic (LP - Orange Vinyl)

Arsonists alumni Q-Unique can always be counted on to bring through the amped-up mic skills. The Brooklyn MC’s fourth solo project starts with the booming “Look Up In The Sky,” where he bigs up his rap-rock connections—“I’m tatted up and I’m on the road with Korn”—before signing off in superhero terms: “Capital Q, Brooklyn, look up in the sky!” The energy and intensity continue via a couple of collaborations with Ill Bill—the eerie “No Country For Old Men” and the dramatic, string-powered “Cult Leader & Capital”—along with the discordant modern borough shoutout “Brooklyn Stomp.”

Look Up In The Sky

The Bad Guy

Thank You For Letting Me

No Country For Old Men (feat. ILL BILL)

Let The Games Begin

You Know Me (feat. DJ Eclipse)

Cult Leader & Capital (feat. ILL BILL & DJ Eclipse)

Brooklyn Stomp

Ignorant Genius (feat. Nems)

I Seen

Put Ya Work In